Tuesday, 3 December 2013

T'other end ....

Well the Saturday before I was in Scotland this weekend Rachel and I were in London seeing no.2 son Callum.

It is a contrast and I am afraid to say not a place I'd like to live. It is exciting with so much to see and do and the travel is soooo cheap. Callum brought us an Oyster card each and we traveled into London Bridge then out to Greenwich and back for less than a fiver !!

The Shard overlooks London Bridge station, now that is a tall building !

We went onto Greenwich to see the Cutty Sark and spent an excellent afternoon in the free maritime museum. You come out feeling proud of our early navel adventures and supremacy of the oceans.

We  trained back to Callums house and took the car to Bletchingly for an overnight in White Hart... slowest food ever and the noisiest bedroom ever... not to be recommended.

After a full english and some critical feedback on paying the bill we headed off to Leeds Castle. It is a stunning place and has lots of history. Its most recent claim to fame was it being the location of Tony Blairs Northern Ireland peace talks as well as the UK base of the Arab Israeli peace talks.

 It is a stunning place with beautiful grounds 

Callum could not help himself and we spend a little while getting lost in the excellent maze. I did offer to buy him a plastic sword and shield so he could run off and play in the kids play area, I think he was a little tempted !!

All too soon it was time to go home. We plotted a route to Sevenoaks where we dropped Callum off to get the train back to his place and we drove in heavy but moving traffic back to Derby  - about 2 hours 50 minutes.

There is no doubt there is lots to do and we look forward to visiting more in the New Year to explore London. However I prefer the less populated north of the country, but hey that is just me being my normal antisocial self !!

Back to the boat and the big kitchen deliberation ........


LittleInsect said...

wish I'd known you were coming to Leeds, it's only 20 minutes from my place!

Nev Wells said...

Ooopa sorry Sue, we will be back so will let you know in the New Year,