Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Please blame me... it will be my fault

There will be payback and I am sure it will be extreme. To be able to knock up over 275 miles on a ride to and around the north Yorks Moors on a motorbike a week before Christmas says something about our weather.

Ok so I was scraping ice off cars to move them to get my bike out this morning and it was 2c when I set off and it never got above 7c all day, but I was still out there enjoying the roads.

I have to thank my friends Alan and Bob  (plus Mike who was there on his CBR1000) for planning the day and inviting me along.

After a refreshing 100 mile blat up to Thirsk we took coffee then over the hills for a full English  at the Manor cafe..

... Unsurprisingly we were the only bikes there

Maybe I should have topped up the Christmas drinks cabinet

So when the real winter starts I'll look back on my December day and hopefully I'll not be reliving it in April/May !!

Next post will be about the boat as I have some not so good news there...!!

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