Friday, 14 June 2019

A person of solitude

While out walking Leai the other day I was surprised to see a boat moored at the point my walk hits the canal from the falconry centre (they are technically my neighbours).

The fella was sitting out on his stern watching birds using binoculars and we got talking. He told me he had never had a mortgage or loan or debt and had lived on his nice boat since 1982. He further advised  he moved aboard with his dog and wife, the dog died and the wife left and he had been cc'ing since. He had been in two navies and had 50 jobs in his life. He worked as a HGV driver which allowed him to earn enough in 6 months to live for 12 months.

He was an interesting fella for sure. I advised I blogged about my boat to which he counted he did not have a tv or internet on his boat. He just had a phone for keeping in touch I guess. His most technical possession it would seem was his newly acquired electric bike that opened up many opportunities for exploration away from the canals.

I walked on thinking what a simple but isolated life, not one I could live but I could see the simplicity of it.

I walked on to Cherry Eye Bridge and was surprised to see a boat on the long deserted mooring on the off side. It does make the navigation tight but based on the low boating numbers on this last section of the canal not a big issue. Respect to the boater who has this mooring as it must be a challenge to get to from the farms above. But the reward is a beautiful location is a very special part of the canal network. 

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