Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Not the best time ...

.... to be having foundations dug out  !

Hopefully it'll be good to look back in a year or two at this most un-flaming June month, the June month when our porch and garage build started and instead of a garage we got close to a swimming pool, or to maintain the waterways link, a small canal.

When I was a young lad we lived in a terraced house that had a cellar. We had a cellar grate for coal and in times of heavy rain - not sure if it was water table or water in via the grate but the cellar flooded. Not for us all the distractions of modern day living then (we had a black and white telly and three channels IIRC) so on with my much trusted and loved wellies and into the cellar for it was now a cave when I could make and float all manner of boats  - I fondly remember spending many hours down there in that damp play centre, simple things as they say !

Its keeping me off the boat once again- making tea for the builders. We spend a half day buying hand made bricks the other day to pass some rain time. Did make me wonder what level of inflation the bricks had seen from when they were made well over a hundred years ago to me buying them for a quid each to try and match the 200 year old face of our cottage.

I spent a happy hour lifting floorboards last night to get a power feed out to the new porch, can you tell I'm bored being stuck in the house !! I've two ledge and braced doors to build for the kitchen and a cupboard but can't get outside to make them up and trim them down !!

Fathers day on Sunday .... I'd have liked to have been on the boat somewhere but maybe next year !


Carol said...

All in a good cause Nev, the canal will still be there when your garage and porch is built.

Nev Wells said...

Thanks Carol, I just hate the mess, the builder is very tidy and conscientious but the rain has been a bugger !! Some bricks being laid now and the foundations have been poured, maybe a slab this week which will be much of the real mess out of the way. Omelettes and eggs I keep reminding myself.