Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Boat time on fathers day

It's a sad fact that both myself and Rachel have lost our respective dads, so no visiting or presents just some reflection and the odd whisky raised to them both.

So I demanded ( a bit dramatic) an overnight on the boat. Part of the reason was our front room - or rather left hand room as we have three front rooms, was used by the cat as her toilet while we were away (we do pay for the local cattery lady to come across to feed and change the litter tray, only the flippin cat pood and wee'd in the house so its in the process of being de stinked so the boat was a good option.

We did have to give it a clean  - hoover and bathroom plus fresh bedding etc. The little Honda genny and the new wiring worked a treat. Food, scrabble and bed....

... Fathers day we took a lovely longish walk to Norbury via the back route for a beer and ploughmans plus cake and coffee - we did walk it off going back via the canal - about 7 miles I think all in so not too shabby.

All over far too soon as Rachel was doing an overnight with her mum. So we loaded up and went back to the cottage, me spending the rest of the evening on my own while Rachel traveled on to Derby for some time with her  mum. 

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