Monday, 24 June 2019

Nature showing itself as the natural woods person.

On our walk the other weekend to Norbury we went off the canal path just before it enters Grub Street cutting and walked through the woods above the Rolls Royce mooring (The fella who has the old Rolls Royce under a cover by the offside  - bizarre).

What was apparent up on the bank above the canal was how nature was clearing the old and weak trees to make way for the saplings. Ivy was doing the job of overloading the trees and the weaker damaged ones were being brought down by the winds (and soft soil with all the recent rain) I guess the extra weight and wind resistance of the Ivy destabilises the weaker trees and they come down.

It was certainly very different up there from the last time I walked the path. Much more growth but a couple of trees down also.

Nature does not need us but we need nature.

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