Sunday, 16 June 2019

A trip to Donald's country

Rachel had reason to visit Donalds country again late May. Last two times we have been over the water Mr Obama was in residence, in fact the first time we were in New York was the night he got elected and we were in Times Square to witness it - magical.

Anyhow not much to say about Mr Trump, other than a very apt name and he's very orange and a twat.

It was a three stop over holiday with a long first hop to visit Rachel’s Aunt Alison in Kansas who hit a milestone birthday so we went to celebrate it with her. Then three days in New York to strip my wallet of its dollars then a great relaxing and resetting of my senses stay with friends who live is a lovely part of New Jersey about an hour out of New York.

Pictures are the best way to remember so here is a pictorial record of our trip.


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