Thursday, 10 September 2020

A complete 180 in cruising terms

We were slightly ahead of our planned schedule so today Mr Alarm Clock got a day off and we woke to pet time .... the time the dog gets restless and the cat comes on the bed demanding food - 8.15am as it turned out.

Last nights mooring and the view from the walk I explored this morning.

We were low on a few things and close to Whitchurch so a plan was agreed to shop - lunch  - cruise for a few hours in the afternoon past todays planned mooring around the Prees Branch. I did a recce walk through some lovely woods to see if there was space for Percy on the Whitchurch arm, there was not (until we walked there and a couple of boats had moved. )

Whitchurch is a place I've ridden past many times on my bike when on my way to Wales for the day. It was a pleasant surprise to find it is another small well provisioned market town - we like these places, small enough to be friendly but large enough to have everything - including a computer shop that sold me a 32gb micro SD card  - I'd left my drone card at home I guess !

We cruised on and met as many boats as we have seen all trip the other side of Whitchurch, at lift bridges bridge holes and bends - as you do. I think there is a 2 or maybe 3 to 1 ratio of boats leaving the Langollen to those like us making our way ever deeper. ( obviously based on when we are moored up)

It really does feel desolate around Whixhall Moss  - I am recollecting it from over 20 years ago and I had the same feeling then. As we were motoring on into the latish afternoon the boats lessened and only two have past since we mored up at 5pm, both hire boats, setting far too an adventurous schedule to 'fit it all in"  - both going opposite to us.

We moored up just past Bettisford, an earlier start tomorrow to enjoy the Mere's.

I was able to fly the drone now I have an SD car so the pictures will show you where we are ! 


A fly-away video of Percy resting for the night 

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