Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Blogpress SOS

 Slightly unusual request for blogging help....

I have my old waterlily blog printed year by year as something to pass down to my great grandkids so they knew what Great Grandad Nev did with his time ! 

Anyhow I was prepping my old Waterlily blog and all the images I uploaded with 

"- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone" are missing. 

It seems when I did this Blogpress held the images rather than Blogger and Blogpress seems to have done a reinvention with paid accounts and possibly dumped all their old 'customers' and their data?

Anyone else had a similar experience as I'd like to get my blogs back complete ?

Any help advice commiserations greatly received.


Sarah said...

Yep, lost all my photos from Blogpress posts ages (years) back, and no one was able to help ... so if you get a solution, I'd be interested!

Pip and Mick said...

We lost a big chunk a couple of years ago. This made us move to WordPress, but that doesn't help you. I keep planning on trying to put them back in, a major project for the winter, along with many others!

Tom and Jan said...

I've just noticed you have our old blog address on your blog list. We moved back to Blogger 8 months ago. Current address is

Unfortunately I don't have a solution for your photo issue :-(