Friday, 25 September 2020

The last hop....

Back to our Wales adventure.... to complete the trip record.

We woke on Sunday morning to a relaxed start. I had prepped the engine the night before (lubricated etc) so when we got a knock on the roof at about 9am from the local fishing club asking if we were moving off anytime soon as they had a match on I offered a 10 minute extraction which was greeted with happy smiles from the bailiff ! 

There was a bit of method in my compliance as when I popped up the back hatch and enquired on the number of pegs (I am a much retired match angler) I was informed 60 ! Now I am a fisher person so always travel in a match at absolute tickover and sixty pegs was a sizeable match so we fired up and headed home.

The blue skies belie the cold feel of the wind out of the sun. 

The bonus is there are little pockets of wind protection getting bigger as we approached our mooring 

The massive Wrekin is a marker of being home. Ironically we could just about see it from Chirk Castle and we can see it as we drive over Caudon Low on our way to the cottage. 

We've seen this little boat every time we pass through Tyrley locks " Spirit of Phoebe" As you can see its a narrow narrow boat and only about 15 feet long. I'd love to know the story of the boat if there is one ?

Then it was the last bit via the wharf at Knighton and Shebdon embankment to our silty mooring where Percy's rear end gurgles and farts as it passes the silt bar that has formed where the turning circle is for moorer's cars.

We had a lazy Sunday afternoon cleaning the boat (inside) and I cut the grass by the flower beds then headed home .... a summary will be added for the record. 

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