Sunday, 22 September 2013

Morning has broken

Beautiful just beautiful.

We are hopefully taking the boat out next week so I came over yesterday and gave it a good clean. Just needs winding and water.

Last night we were watching the tv when the boat started to make some interesting bubbling noises. We were either sinking or settling into the mud. Luckily it was the latter. The speedy Drayton hire boat that went through left paddles up at common lock emptying our pound. Kev and Barry sorted it by running water down three locks off the Coventry.

Off to help my eldest lad move house today and Rachel is at work, so no loafing about as Bruce might say !

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Adam said...

I hadn't relaid you were moored down there - I've always imagined your mooring to be further up!

We we're moored below junction lock last night, were hit by the Drayton boat, and then your friends running water down lifted us several inches before we settled back down again.

We'll be coming past in a few moments, if you're still there. Just on the water point at the moment.

Nev Wells said...

Adam nice to meet you, sorry your experience of Fradley was not great. The three Drayton boats came back this morning as I was leaving for home. We suspect they left common lock paddles up again. They were all over the place, and hit the Hunts top lock gate so hard I thought they were going to cause some serious damage. How they got this far is beyond me.. normally I cut the hire boater some slack, we have all been there. etc, but this was not on.

Hope you made Swakestone