Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Job done (lots of photos) - well nearly !

At last Percy looks more like a relaxing place to stay rather than the back room of a charity shop !!

Adele did a great job for a very fair price. We extended the specification of works to include removing the curtain that separated the under counter space and replace it with scumbled boards and an access hatch. It looks 100% better and a place Rachel is happier to spend time in - she thought spiders were multiplying under the counter!

Adele also made us a small book case and boxed in the newly exposed water pipe and electricity cable when we removed the fixed furniture.


Large gas fridge and no work space, the round sink bowls were tired looking and the formica worktop was cracked and the edging too pronounced....


We wanted to keep the base units and the plate racks, in fact we wanted not to detract from the excellent hand made cabinets and the work Tony had put in. A new kitchen would have looked out of place on our 1990's boat.

Complete.... well nearly

We have a Waeco 12v fridge under the counter now. It only draws .9 of an amp, the solar was putting in between 2 and 4 on Sunday and I ran it while working to keep my drinks cold. the batteries never dropped off the 100% on my Smartgauge. It has a freezer compartment so we will drop in some freezer blocks to move to the fridge overnight so we can turn it off.

What is not too obvious is now when we open the side hatch we will get all the light the old counter top fridge blocked. Adele and formed a microwave housing, It is another cooking option albeit a battery hungry one, we intend getting a simple mechanical (dial not digital) type microwave for infrequent use.

The sinks have been the biggest challenge, to source and subsequently to get fittings for them. They are a 3 inch recess and all the modern Belfast/Butler types are 3 1/2 inch. For now I have fitted the latter but it does not allow the water to drain fully so plan B is to turn 1/4 inch off the flange to let it drop into the recess...

I will take some photo's of the bookcase (when stained and varnished) and the back counter panel.

As we had removed the fixed furniture a new carpet was in order, I fitted that on Sunday with the help of Leia.

I did the bedroom carpet at the same time

I still need to fit the water filter (Rachel is still choosing a tap) plus the strainer between the new pump and the water tank.

Then I'd like to replace the Kitchen and Bathroom vinyl with something a bit more hard wearing.

We need to decide on a settee or two captain chairs - any advice?

Then we may go cruising !!

You can contact Adele via her Facebook page


Jacquie said...

It's all looking very lovely, everyone has done a smart job. And soon you can be cruising cosily again. As for advice on the chairs, as with all things it's a plus and minus. I have a Wilsons sofa bed, covered in the fabric I choose elsewhere, not their's, the same as the furnishings etc.
Plus points :- you can snuggle up with partner, it feels and looks more cosy
it's a sofa bed for guests and keeps the converting dinette free
It has excellent storage space for spare bedding etc, though now I would change that and insist guests bring own sleeping bags., but still a hell of a lot of storage.

Plus points for the chairs :- make the saloon look more spacious, your not fixed at looking at the cabin walls or windows, The option to move around other items, tables, footstools, coal buckets etc, with the sofa your more limited as its more or less fixed in 1 spot.

Honestly I couldn't say one way or another, it depends on your mood, circumstances, temperature as always. Sometimes I think I'd like chairs, but then where will I put all my stuff, ? Good luck in whatever you go for, as long as your bums comfy. Have a lovely cruising season. Jacquie

Norwyn Parker said...

looks lovely so pleased that you were happy with Adele's work, as i said earlier we found her first class

Captain Ahab said...

Its looking great Nev

nb Chance said...

Hi Nev, Thanks for the comment, we sent a reply to your email on Saturday? I have just resent the email to you, so hope you receive it this time? Just wondered as the email is an ex business address I had whether it may have gone into you spam file? Hope you receive them soon Doug