Saturday, 3 May 2014

Reflections from afar

I get confused when travelling, not the time, currency or culturally confused, just confused about how much I enjoy travelling. I think I most probably have captured it in the last words of that sentence, it's the travelling I do not like. The meeting old friends again, seeing they are good and catching up is very enjoyable, meeting new relatives and expereincing a snapshot of their lives is also so enjoyable.

However I do miss home, I have been keeping up with my blog roll and vicariously enjoying the travels of my fellow bloggers.

When I did some tentative research into my family history it became obvious on one side of my family they did not move much from Derby, they just kept on marrying having families and dying all in Derby.... So I think I have that no travel gene. In fact distance in some way scares me as I like to be in touch with the people I care about and being oceans away does not help.

However I am having a great time in America. I asked to see daily America not the tourist America and today my good host Dave has taken me to the the family and do some shopping. Tomorrow we are at a local ball game (baseball) that should be fun and maybe some root beer!! Rachel is in New York having a girls weekend taking in a show and maybe doing some shopping, she and Charlotte deserve such a treat.

Might have a snooze.... This holiday stuff is hard work !!

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