Friday, 6 February 2015

House v's narrowboat

Not any sort of in depth review but a simple observation from my now seven plus months in/on a boat rather than bricks and mortar. I'll constrain myself to one observation for this post. I am saving a a broader review of all that is good and bad when I feel I have experienced, I was going to type endured, all the seasons.

It is important to let you know it is not all good -  as many read such blogs to encourage themselves it is idilic and a good reason to commit to a significant life change without getting the real picture.

Anyhow this small blog is as much to remind me when I read it back hopefully in September/October what to expect (again).

Nature.... that is my observation from a winter aboard. You live in it rather than beside it as it feels you do so in a house. In a house -well a city house such as the one we have in Derby it seems to have a better command of nature in that regardless of what is happening outside, in the main life goes on. How many times have you realised it has rained only after stepping outside, or snow or frost. High winds maybe might get your attention with the occasional whistle if the wind blows in a certain direction.

The lights go on, the heating heats, water flows and toilets flush.... in the main regardless of nature.

The boat is the same but you plan..... and in that you work with nature. Bad luck to you if it is howling a gale and pouring down.... You will of course know this because you hear the rain on the roof and you feel the boat rock (you have tightened the mooring rope up haven't you?) if your cassette or worst still holding tank is full regardless of the weather you have to be out in it.

You consume the weather forecast daily.....

I am acutely aware of the ever so slowly longer days (the long nights however cosy are a trial) Without work I would have no doubt come close to hibernation for sure !

Even the moon cycles become more apparent and welcome. This was the initial reason for the post....

Two photos.... what you cannot see is the moons position relative to the canal.

This is my coming home to the boat photo, just before I close the back doors for the night....

This is my on the way to work photo the next morning. The moon has journeyed over the canal but is very welcome both parts of the day as on a clear night I do not need my head torch....

I look forward to the full moon... any decent moon in fact as it lights my way along a very dark canal.

The sun is now just starting to do its bit also.... I got 3% on my batteries yesterday and only used 2% in the evening, I never really thought about my fridge let alone the freezer when in the house, now as I have a cold back cabin that is my fridge, until the sun gives me the solar during the day to run my fridge it'll stay off !

It's been good and I am starting to feel like a rufty tufty boater, no doubt sometimes I look more like a tramp but function over form all the way for now - especially when its dark !!

More later as I continue to reflect

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Very interesting comments and beautiful pictures to look at but not feel the cold and dark walks to and from "home". I'll try not to take central heating and a hot bath for granted!!