Saturday, 30 January 2016

It could have killed me !

..... but it is now gone

Of course I am talking about the small guards van stove that used to live in Percy's back cabin. It was only after getting Percy back that I noticed a 50p size hole in the chimney just above its connection with the stove. It was round the back and I had missed it for some time. I  expect I had had the fire going with the damaged flue, I guess the draw helped as did the the natural vents in the back cabin. It does go to show a decent check at least a coupe, of times a year is a must.

It was a pig to get out as the flue had rusted onto the stove so it all came out together leaving the three studs with their welded collars to leave an air gap to the ash section of the little stove.

I like the look and performance of the stove so I will try and repair it. I have an arc welder at home so I'll test my welding skills - I have used the welder so many times  - I have owned it for years, I brought it to repair my old Mini.... that long ago !

If I cannot effect a repair I am happy with, safety and aesthetics wise then it'll get scrapped and I'll look for a replacement but it deserves as second chance, if for no other reason than ease of reinstall.

My goodness it was heavy and it is in the back of the car now waiting for another day to test my back.

I gave the donk a good lube (!) while aboard, it fired first go - all hail the solar panel and the Smart relay. Then the boat go a decent clean ready hopefully for a little jolly to come.

The whole visit came about as I took my two lads to Birmingham airport to catch a flight for a stag week skiing  !! My good neighbour Mandy from NB Don't Panic provided coffee and bacon sarnies in exchange for my labour carrying fuel across the lock gates. I think I got the best of the deal.

All in all a timely visit and pleasingly Percy had survived the winter to date quite well.

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Arthur Greene said...

Wow you really did have a lucky escape then!

I too have had a similar, potentially dangerous, situation. My very warming pot belly stove had been installed as directed. Unfortunately I failed to purchase a double lined flue! The unsubstantial single flue decided to melt due to the heat of the stove!

Thankfully I noticed before any serious damage was done but just goes to first!

Arthur Greene @ Central MM