Friday, 7 October 2016

Something essential for the exhaust

Look away those who have one of the revvy 4 cylinder modern diesels. You have free passage through bridge holes and clean lungs !

One thing we always account for more than most is wind direction and direction of travel when we cruise on Percy. The reason is our engine exhaust comes out of the cabin roof about 6 feet  from the steerers position.

We have two exhausts pipes, a titch pipe - little about 12 inches tall that looks good but does not put the exhaust smoke above the steerers head and on a windy day it can be blown back to the steerer, not too bad for me but Rachel has asthma.

We also have a longer exhaust stack that does push the fumes above our heads and we should really use this one but we have not being doing so .... why you all cry??

Well it is a further steering challenge going under bridges. Certainly it does not fit under the Woolsey bridge on the T&M..... we had a near miss last year where I was described as a circus monkey by a passing boater for the speed and dexterity (and burnt hands) shown when getting the chimney off its socket just in time to get under said bridge.

So the solution.....

This is a hinge so that

  • I can pull the exhaust back quickly if I think I will not make it under a bridge/obstruction 
  • If I am not in time or mis judge a bridge the hinge will allow the stack to be pushed down avoiding either a bent exhaust stack or worst a kinked roof 
I got it from Percy's creator Tony Redshaw after a slight detour on my way south yesterday evening. It was good to meet up with Tony again and he pleasingly advised one or two had seen Percy and reported back she looked well looked after  in good condition. 

Another 2 and a half hours and we were mouse hunting at the cottage  - Lilly the cat is a good hunter but she brings them in and lets them loose. She also got the reward of a scratched eye for her troubles which was a £100 quid vets bill this morning - a nice start to the weekend.


Unknown said...

Where can I get one ? (not mouse but hinged exhaust !)

Nev Wells said...


Mention NB Percy if/when you order

Take care