Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Six locks to load a mother-in-law

Getting up up to date and yes more cruising  - I must update the locks and miles travelled plus the cruising hours bit on the side...(done)

We have just had a busy Derby weekend visiting Crich Tramway Village on Saturday and took our respective mums on a little boat trip on Sunday.

My late father in law liked the tramway museum, the old Assembly rooms facade is installed there were he first met his wife.

We took a tram and then walked to Crich stand and climbed it to take in the views.

 Our new house is somewhere over that way  - more on that in future posts 

My reward for the trip !

Sunday saw us up minus one hours sleep to another beautiful day. We only had about three hours for the trip and Percy was facing towards Fradley, with winding holes at the junction - too short, Streethay on the Coventry - 4 hours or Kings Bromley - another 3-4 hours plus more locks. 

So some strategic thinking took place and we agreed I'd take Percy to the junction and wind and hold ideally above Hunts lock to give Rachel time to drive to Derby to collect the mothers.... 

Now sunny Sunday at Fradley means Gongoozlers, in fact the boats are the star of the show and the fact non or few were moving meant my up and down got some attention - as well as a few nice comments on the 25 year old tug and its engine !

Out of keepers lock, looking quiet.....

Preparing for my 'wind' at the junction, still looks quiet...?

My audience watching the 'wind' and my locking ... all interested and in good spirits as the day was beautiful.  

I did the locks without drama and held above Hunts, locking one boat up as I wanted to stay against the pound ledge to help Rachel's mum who is a little unsteady to get aboard, which she did ok and we had a great trip out and back to Alrewas.

Youngest son had an issue with his flowers order from London so asked if I'd buy something for Rachel on his behalf. She chose an Olive tree so I ended up pushing this organic dogem car around Morrisons  - I got more than a few smiles and a few pointing at me !!

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