Friday, 30 June 2017

Super peacefulness but the chores still have to be done

Most who read this will already be aware of why they are on the canals as they have the option of peacefulness as we can choose our home location for the night, for 48 hours and up to 14 days - then we move on through the same beauty and find the same again.

I have this on my mooring also so I do not need to move but I want to. One of the reasons to retire and sod the work treadmill with all its associated BS.

My cup does indeed overflow'th with tranquility and peacefulness. On the boat fishing, in my valley walking.

I did a further walk the other evening  - into my valley and out by Kingsley far bank. Over canal, under railway across river, then into a water meadow then up the side of the valley.

It was a little bit of a 'blow' walking up the other side so I took the opportunity to sit on someones bench and soak in the view.

Watch the one minute video below, turn your volume up and enjoy the sound of silence !!

Anyhow this attracts a few canaloholics so 'back on the boat' the longest day has come and gone. One day on returning (with Leia I did not leave her aboard) the boat was a balmy 40c !!

Nothing for it but an evening of slow nightfall watching nature go to sleep while sitting out in shorts and T shirt fishing.

On another evening I had chores to do - water up as cold showers were the order of the day. Percy has two tanks joined by a connecting pipe, to fill up fully it has to be done slowly  - I recon I have 2 x 200 litre tanks, my in line water meter somewhat confirmed this.

I pulled Percy back to give the mooring a decent cut and strim. You can see from the next picture what happens if you do not do your own grass cutting for the £1600 a year mooring fee.

I did strim Mandy's mooring but it really should be being done by C&RT  - I ask them not to as they have damaged my boat on more than one occasion. 

Then it was more fishing !!

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