Sunday, 22 October 2017

The donk gives its first trouble

The Lister CS2 in Percy's engine room has up until now performed flawlessly. It gets its bits lubed and oil and air filter changes when needed.  I do check it every cruise day as it is so easy to get around - the joy on an engine room rather than under ones feet.

On the last day of the return trip from Froghall I noticed diesel seeping from the joint above the injector pump on the right hand cylinder. We were just outside of Rugely when I noticed so I lashed cloths around it to get us home which worked.

When the engine cooled a little I got the spanners on the injector pipe.... There was a hairline crack under the 'my words' pressure collar that pushed down on the 'nipple'.

So when home I ordered a pair of injector pipes from Stationary Engine Parts plus some mid Brunswick green paint. They are my go to supplier for bits for the CS2.

 The new pipe needed some judicious bending to get an unstressed fit.... the vice in the engine room came good again for this work.

I set up a little jig to paint the pipe, first with some metal undercoat then a top coat of Brunswick green.

When all dried I fitted the pipe and the donk started with a little smoke until enough diesel was getting through and no more leaks.

As you can see the engine needs a few touch ups but that can wait until warmer weather. Almost a proper mechanic !!


Quaysider said...

I'm getting "vice" envy now... I have to make do with a couple of clamps and an old picnic bench!

Nev Wells said...

Lol... vice envy ! What ever gets the job done so clamps and a picnic bench is ok.

One project not boat related is to make a full workbench for the home workshop - that'll have a couple of decent vices !!

Take care