Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Minus 10c - where to go but the boat

In my past life as one of those working persons when the temperature got really low as it is forecast tonight and tomorrow night, into the minus teens in rural areas  according to the BBC I kept a fire going on Waterlily.

In 2011 I was actually driving to the boat at lunchtimes to keep a fire in. It would have been 2011 as we had a frost burst in 2010 - the last really cold winter. Now with some planning  - well a lot of planning I have driven up from Chichester to be aboard for a few nights. It also gives me the chance to see my 29 year old son before he becomes 30 !! Also help a friend to move house and to catch up with my old boss to compare notes on retirement  - plus make some golf and fishing plans !!

Then it'll be a late night Friday run to south London for more bathroom duty (plastering and tiling this weekend ) with Rachel coming the other way. We knew these few weeks were going  be a challenge and so it is. A large batch of stew made last night with a bread and butter pudding has set us both up.

Lets see what the weather brings and let's hope it is the last of the cold stuff.... I have hobbies that do not fit with snow and cold !!

Just put the external temp probe above the boat at 6pm its 22.5 c in the boat (nice) and -1.5 c outside. Well done Squirrel !

We survived, as did Percy, down to -6.5c last night. Ice on the windows and the canal well frozen. Tonight is going to be colder apparently!

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