Tuesday, 17 April 2018

When a job gets a bit bigger...

On and off the boat at the moment. It was convenient for Rachel to drive to me last Thursday late getting to the boat at 11pm but it gave us a lazy Friday. It also enabled us to leave a car at Fradley so on Sunday I could drive Rachel back to Fradley taking an hour off her journey south !

I was staying up at the cottage as I needed to do some work on it as well as Percy as well as lots of other bits and bobs....

We had a great vegan Sunday lunch at the cottage and was able to play with Teddy for a decent time  - he is growing rapidly and getting ever more interested in everything.

Anyhow yesterday I was on the boat and repairing the hole I opened up to sponge out the water we (Rachel) put in there whilst cleaning up last year. She left the tap running while Dysoning and it overflowed into the cabin bilge - not a lot but it made me make the inspection hatch that was missing and ID'd on the survey five years ago !! So now we have an inspection hatch!

After that I started to get curious about the back cabin bilge area (the engine room has an open bilge /open floor) Tony had said there was coiled hydraulic hose for the pump that drives the prop under the floor. So I set to to lift the floor which thankfully was laid to allow this.

The good news was it was relatively dry  - a little water but nothing to worry about and more than likely come in from when I left the back doors open in the rain the other week !

I cleaned it all out and applied some rust treatment and maybe tomorrow I'll paint it with red oxide as I did the gas locker.

As to how long I need to leave it before I do it again.... well there was some paper in there and I was able to see it was from Saturday January 23rd 1999, 7 years after Percy was floated and some 19 years ago so when done I'll stick some more paper in there and hopefully be blogging about changing it when I'm 74 eeek !!

I spend the rest of the day mowing grass and general mooring tidying. I did want to get out on Percy but now the floor needs painting that'll be my boating this week !! 

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