Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Solar panels - to transfer??

We will hopefully complete the transfer of stuff from Waterlily this coming weekend. One thing I am unsure about is the solar panel install on Waterlily. This has proven to be very useful in recharging batteries. Thing is will is add any great value or salability to Waterlilty over and above the cost/benefit of moving the install to Percy?

I am inclined to make the transfer  - it is not cheap kit and not something I have seen on many boats on brokerage. Rachel thinks it will look incongruous on Percy.... I do have some agreement on this  but I think function beats form.... especially when it comes to power on a boat.

Percy has a gas fridge and sometime in the future I'd like to replace this with an electric 12v model. Percy only has 2 x 95a/hr leisure batteries, its a nice install and when the time comes I will replace with maybe 2 x 135 or 2 x 140 giving more power. I like a TV on board so will need this at least.

I think I'll move them unless I am pursuaded against it by your comments.... what would you do ?



Captain Ahab said...

Form always follows fuction - move them.

Tom and Jan said...

I wouldn't have thought the panels would be a critical selling point but rather an nice "extra". However the price of panels has dropped significantly so you can probably fit new panels to Percy for far less than you paid for Waterlilly. Are the existing panels monocrystalline?

Nev Wells said...

Hi Andy/Tom

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I am inclined to agree that it is not a critical selling point. I think I might be able to fit a cheaper panel, it's the hassle of getting it delivered and to the boat. I'll take it off and fit it to Percy so while out and about we will disconnect it and put it into the forecabin. When left on the mooring we will leave it on to top up the batteries.

Les Biggs said...

DO NOT leave them. Move them, it will not add enough to the selling price. So until you up grade they will be doing a good job on board Percy keeping the Batts` topped up.

Nev Wells said...


Thanks for the advice.... I removed the controller and the panel yesterday..... only about 45 mins and I agree it will not greatly add to the value. It will save me a lot more by not having to rebuy, plus the panel is sitting on Percy now waiting to be fitted.

Take care