Saturday, 8 December 2012

The big swop over

While I have the use of Mandy's mooring I am taking advantage bow to bow mooring of Waterlily and Percy.

Today (Friday) I started moving those bits of 'stuff' that I wanted on Percy. I will not leave Waterlily wanting, she needs to be able to cruise away hopefully with new owners soon.

The generous well deck on Percy and the even more useful forecabin swallowed up a lot of stuff that was stowed away on Waterlily.

I am under strict instructions from Rachel to let her move the majority of items.... I suppose this is pots and pans bedding etc. There are still a few cupboards with bits that need sorting. I think I'll add some storage in the engine room on Percy, not going to rush that as hopefully I will have quite a few years to get it right.

I was really cold today, the back stove dd a great job, it really gets the back cabin warm. I think we will use this space quite a bit, after all it has been designed to be a complete house  - I think Sarah on Chertsey uses her cabin as such, well until  Bakewell arrived.

I took the opportinty to nip over to Great Haywood to discuss getting Waterlily on their brokerage, the benefit being a secure mooring and accompanied viewings at Kings Bromley marina. I like Kings Bromley marina and if I ever opted for a marina mooring I think it would be there.

So this weekend will hopefully see me back cleaning the port side of Waterlily and the roof. I'll then drop her up the two locks and clean the starboard side while on the Fradley moorings.

It was very quiet today, only two boats on the visitor moorings. One boat disgraced itself by cruising through and leaving the top gates open and paddles up -  recipe for draining pounds, it happened last time we moored on the visitor moorings and I had to go out late at night and shut gates and lower paddles after an inconsiderate boater left them up and open. Todays name and shame was Penny lane, Worcester....must do better 


Graham said...


Why not put some details of Waterlilly up here? You might save yourself the brokerage fee.

Nev Wells said...


I have thought about selling Waterlily myself. I did sell Comet our last boat via the Duck. Guess I am lazy and want to have Waterlily in a marina.... But come to think of it I could most probably put her in to somewhere like Mercia for six months and only cost me about £600 .....the risk is she does not sell, but then again I can afford to let her go for a little less as I won't be getting hit with the 6% plus vat..... Tat is quite a lot of money. I may give this some more thought, thanks Graham,