Monday, 25 February 2013

Attack Horses....

.... well a bit of an exaggeration, but they do get interested when you walk a dog through their field.

Let me explain.

We have a favourite 'long' walk that takes us up the canal and back via Kings Bromley wharf. The only problem is that it involves quite a bit of road walking on the A523 which is a fast and bendy road. I was looking on Memory map and noted that the footpath crossed the busy road and extends some way round but eventually brings you back to the footpath near a place called Baskerville house (nice) that takes you to the new Wharf at Kings Bromley. So with some hours to spare and a dog and fat bloke needing exercise I dropped Rachel off at work and was at the Swan for 8.30 ish to start the walk.

Fradley is a special place early in the morning or late evening when all the visitors have gone.

 My very untrusty Garmin had the route plotted by 40 odd way-points. Only problem if it got knocked it turned off. Subsequent internet googling turned up this to be a common problem with some fixed that I'll try. When it was working it was great, only wish I'd took the OS map with me !!

 When you cross the road at the end of the first canal section you actually walk skirting Curbourgh sprint circuit, as we were walking early they were just arriving. It is a really rural walk from here on...

 Never too far from civilization... including Litchfield. I understand there is a walk to Litchfield. this would be a good one to do and then get a taxi or bus back.... one for the summer I think

The Erasmus Darwin walk will also get some investigation.....

 After passing the Curbourgh fishing lakes (more investigation needed) you come to a great place to have a stop off , it is a complex of small businesses that I am sure could entertain the shopper in you for some time... we walked on !!

A quick crossing of the road and then open country again.We walked up to the main line and did a bit of train spotting !

Leia was good on the lead as we walked through a couple of fields of sheep. The horses however made up quick step as the came trotting over (we were in their field on this bit of the walk) I don't trust big animals, their size alone is intimidating.

Ok, not quite attack horses but the approached like they wanted to get us out of their field, so we obliged.

Leia knew this bit of track as we have walked it a few times and went straight left by instinct ... clever dog.

I'd still like to moor here, but when I enquired they said no !

This stretch of canal is quite possibly my favourite of all the miles we have cruised, very quiet, full of wildlife (and fish)

It was a cake and coffee stop out of the rucksack.We have moored in this spot quite a few times. We arrived once  to find a bra left on the bench, so mating of all species goes on in this area!

Despite the cold and being a little tired I thought I'd entertain myself with checking the Geocaches in this area. Found all but one and reported I could not locate it. I have looked twice now and still cannot find it. As the Garmin was unreliable I opted for the Geocaching app on my Iphone.... it is an excellent way to add interest to a walk in my opinion.

CaRT were getting ready for the stoppage at Woodend... I wonder if they will get the mole catcher in before they does some real damage. We have noted mounds on our mooring so there must be a good amound of moles ... I wonder if it is to do with the heavy rain and easy earth to move through?

We arrive back at about 12.30 ... all in a good walk and one we will do again and it has introduced some interesting options for us for when we are aboard at Fradley.

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LittleInsect said...

there's nothing quite as peaceful as walking alongside water, whether it be river, canal or lake. When I was young, I used to walk my dogs for miles along the Royal Military Canal on Romney Marsh. Excellent way to spot wildlife