Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Making the batteries 'av it....'

Bit dramatic but a note to myself about the electricity use on the boat. When we arrived yesterday the Smartgauge was at 100% so the solar was working well as it was left at about 73% a week earlier. We have not yet run the engine letting the batteries have a good work out over two nights usage. The Smartgauge was down to 84% this morning I'll see what it drops to after tonight's use.

We would have liked to have moved the boat but the weather is quite foul and I am not 100% well at the moment, we'll see what the rest of the week brings. Today we went into Litchfield for a wander and to get some parts to fit the new loo from Streethay. Litchfield seems to be recovering from the Tesco effect, as last time we visited there seemed more empty shops. It is a nice town, lots of character, not quite as nice as Stafford but a good local resource for us. We did most of the shopping in the town centre giving the shops our trade before picking up a few bits we could not get in town from the Tesco extra store.

Back on the boat I plumbed in the new loo and wired it up ( for the electric flush) I think there may be a slight weep from one of the joints I had to make up to get it to connect to the plastic plumbing, I'll check in the morning. So now it's a whiskey then a hot bath..... One of the joys of this boat, not the biggest but nice to soak a few aching limbs...

Tomorrow the engine will get my attention before starting up, just some checks I want to do now I have my ' Mans' book.... Later on that one. !

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Location:Hunts lock T&M


Dave Smith said...

No offence Nev, but are you in Litchfield Hampshire, or Lichfield Staffordshire?

Nev Wells said...

Dave, it's the Staffordshire Litchfield I was referring to