Saturday, 9 March 2013

Hasta la vista Waterlily

Well we are now back to being a one boat family. Great Haywood Boat Sales have done a very professional job in selling Waterlily for us.

Clicky here for the last post on my Waterlily site.

So, now we can start focusing on a few changes to Percy  - starting with our names going onto the rear panel when Percy is Blacked at Norbury in May. Then or before then we need to make a change to the saloon to make it a little more comfortable and we may be running a few ideas past this blog to that end.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nev congrats on selling Waterlily, if you need a carpenter to help with any mods you may want to do on Percy , I can recommend Adele Banks Watercolour property solutions she dosnt have a web site but is on Facebook she lives in Branston she did some work on Shellbell and it was first class at great prices.

Sue said...

Sorry to have missed you today Nev but we needed to move on asap..

We will catch up with you both this year I think.. Looking forward to that

Sue said...

I guess if you are having the new names on Persy at Norbury then it will be our Trev doing that. He did of course sign write No Problem.. Nice guy is Trev!