Thursday, 21 March 2013

Mooring surplus

Whilst checking to see if the new Fradley moorings were being advertised I noted the significant number of CaRT moorings that had been auctioned and received no bids. There are considerably more than receive bids. This is in stark contrast to how it was when we first started boat ownership. Then it was the case of get your mooring first then look for a boat.

Now days that is not the case and in most areas you can pick and choose. Where we are on the T&M we could drop into one of half a dozen marinas offering many facilities as well as linear moorings (nor necessarily Fradley though as they seem to get bids)

I read in towpath telegraph that the Marina on the Coventry near to Streethay will be open in June. Not sure what facilities this has but it adds to the weakening position for the other marinas in the area.

We have considered moving to the local marinas just to add some options for cruising, but we like where we are, and the cruising routes are excellent in all directions. Not that we are doing much cruising at the moment, it's frustrating but just the way it is with other stuff going on.

When we passed the new marina last time out on our trip to the Plough at Huddlesford junction all we could see was now deep the new marina will be.... if fishing is allowed it should be good !!

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Frank Clarijs said...

What could be the aim of digging that deep? That costs a lot of money, it does not help a boat and it will make the place more dangerous (no way of walking out). Pictures of other marinas never show this kind of depth...
Even 500 ton boats (I live in Belgium where this is the standard boat on smaller canals) need only 1/3 of this depth.
Or is the main aim to get ground for infilling elsewhere and is the marina pond a side benefit?