Sunday, 28 July 2013

Percy goes cruising this time without us

Last time I visited Percy for some evening fishing I noted the front rope was snapped. As I had the front on a spring line it had held.

I made good the mooring. Due to family caring responsibilities we have not been able to get to Percy and tonight Kev our boat neighbour very kindly phoned to tell me he had re-secured Percy after finding the boat across the cut. Thank Kev

You will see the rope is not the best, I am not sure if it is just not able to take the weight of Percy as boats come past at less than tickover or a naturally wearing . The recent drought and then rain has no doubt played havoc with the levels resulting in varying strain and slack on the ropes.

So tomorrow we will pop over and sort out some stronger more up to the job rope. Lesson learnt.

I should have read this and replaced the natural fibre rope as soon as we got Percy.

Link here

Natural fibers

In general natural fibers are heavier, weaker, and less resistance to all forms of abrasion than synthetic fabrics.  For this reason, there are few applications in which a natural fiber is preferred.  Some specific applications where natural fibers are preferred include those where the roughness of the rope is beneficial (e.g. climbing rope).  Natural fiber rope is also commonly used for decorative purposes.  Not recommended for load bearing usage.


Alf said...

Fairleads don't help !

Nev Wells said...


I can understand that, they put an angle on the rope which is a abrasion point. My ignorance of the type of rope is more to blame. I have just ordered 2 x 15m of 14mm three ply braided off the internet. One for use and one for spare. I think it may be a little too long but better to cut it back than not enough (been there before).