Friday, 16 August 2013

It's my birthday - where else would I be !

I don't do birthdays, not in the big celebration sense, they are there just to remind me I am getting older so need to do more stuff.

We have been doing stuff, starting with a ride up to Scotland, Moffet to be precise with a great group of friends. That was last Friday and we were taken on some great bike routes. there are no chicken strips on my back tyre and it is looking well scrubbed up !

Part of the reason for the get together was to celebrate Jason's 40th, he comes over from Dublin each year for this ride out.

We stayed in Moffet until Monday then we went on to our friends farm house on the tip in the rhins of Galloway peninsula.

We enjoyed great company and much enjoyed seeing the twins again growing up every time we see them. I got a good education into radio controlled airplanes and the technology available to fly then, can you believe they have autopilots and gps in them now. John also has been putting cameras onto his airplanes and has been getting some great images…. it helps having 24 acres as to play in and no neighbours, my kind of place !

Rachel playing with Isabella 

John's plane is in this shot somewhere.... bit like spot the ball?

This is Stranraer from the castle. It is a ghost port now as the ferries all go to Port Ryan so the town has lost all of its ferry related activity.

Isobella and Alba doing some dressing up

 This is the view from the room we slept in at John and Carrie's. You can see Arran on a clear day and the north Antrim cost road from the other side of the peninsula at night.

We came back on Wednesday and yesterday I had a lazy day while Rachel had to go back to work. Today I am on the boat, I was going to move it but it is so busy here today I will stay put and mow the mooring then fish and drink some beer - not a bad life !!

Leia likes it as well !


Halfie said...

Happy Birthday, Nev. What is a "chicken strip", and what would it be doing on your tyre?

Nev Wells said...

Hi John,

Thank you for the best wishes. The chicken strip is the strip of unworn or unused tyre on the edge, so the more you lean the bike over the smaller the chicken strip. Chicken being used as a term for being scared, the bigger the strip the more scared you are to lean the bike over.

How close to getting Jubilee back are you?