Monday, 5 August 2013

The trouble with tables....

.... whilst not heavy they are difficult to manhandle across lock gates.

Yesterday Rachel was browsing Gumtree and found a nice old butterfly table at a reasonable price right colour in the middle of Birmingham. We were half way so phoned and went to look. It was ideal, smaller than the one on board but no chairs so we will have to source them.

Only problem on getting it back to Fradley was how to do the swap with the existing and the new (old) table. We did not fancy getting it across the lock gates.

We opted to pop over to the water point on the Hunts lock landing and while watering up we took the old one to the car and brought the new one back. Much to the bemusement of the dog walkers who feared for our sanity, especially after I told them it was a picnic table and we were off to try it out !

So that is one step closer to getting Percy more to our liking. Next job is to take out the fixed seating and replace with a settee plus new flooring. Then on to the kitchen, new sink and worktop plus maybe a new fridge but I fear our 220 amp battery bank will not be suited to a 12v fridge? (Advice)

After that is it sell the house buy smaller rent out and cruise for however long we fancy... sound simple so simple we will never do it !!

Came across this when out walking Leia Sunday morning...

It was irrigation of the farmers potato field, heaven know how much he was taking out, I am sure CaRT knew and it was necessary as we all need spuds.

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