Tuesday, 10 December 2013


That is how I felt as I was dismantling in an aggressive way (some of it is in the fore cabin for winter fuel now) Tony's hard work and well engineered saloon.

Before with cushions removed.....

Now how it looks....There is maybe a little work to do to age in the lighter areas. The water pipe and electric cable previously hidden will now be boxed in along the floor. It has revealed Tony's 'secret cupboards, the top one will now be a tablecloth draw I am told ! We did have some plans for a washing machine in the lower corner but size will make it difficult so we now plan for that to go in the fore cabin.

We went off and brought some nice red carpet for a change that I have not laid as we will do the messy alterations over the next few weeks and that will be the final job plus deciding on settee or two chairs  - I prefer the latter but we shall see !! We have two Ikea chairs in there now as a temp seating solution that are comfortable but a bit ugly and big, but for the first time I was comfortable all evening watching TV.

For now we have put the butterfly table up against the bulkhead which works quite well.

How is marina life.... not for us I am afraid. Too closed in and not enough to see going on. It feels like a bloody big boat park which is not surprising as that is what it is.... Nice people and the one thing we commented on was they were all smiling !!

I suppose we see boating as an off grid pastime, seems little point in being connected to all services (apart from waste) and living in a pencil case. Plus the thought off all that slowly fizzing metal does not appeal !! We brought Percy to be simple and easy to use, might have buggered that up with the fridge but it only draws 0.9ah and the solar was making that in a week low sun on Sunday.

We did wake up to a nice winter sky - dust in the atmosphere I am told.

See what I mean about the hemmed in feeling??

Still waiting on prices... hopefully I should have some laminate samples at home tonight and the fridge was delivered today.


Jim said...

Nev, I completely agree with your sentiments on marina mooring. Starcross' replacement will have to be kept on-line.

Nev Wells said...

Nice to hear you are talking replacements.... I bet the duck is getting a viewing at the moment?