Saturday, 28 December 2013

Willington is behind us

I guess not too many will read this post due to the lame title. I get more hits when there is a bad news feel to my title...?

Anyhow we were not too unhappy to slip out of Mercia marina at 12 today. It is not a bad place, just not out type of place. Plus the cost of being there with no work done as agreed is also hard to swallow. The exit/entrance is also a bugger, did it ok today despite the wind hitting Percy broadside. I guess the canal must collect the south westerlies as just about every trip this way the wind is either in our face or our backs. Today it was in our face and still quite strong despite the forcast. To add to the challenge the sun was bright and low also in our face.

The pics do not really show the brightness, it was uncomfortable at times.

We are moored up at Branston for tonight and if the river is ok tomorrow will be back at Fradley. The weather and stoppages drove this trip, but it is good to be on the boat.

The Waeco fridge is in and working, not in its final position look wise but at least we have cold beer and wine.

Also I bit the bullet and took a 12 month contract on 3 with all you can eat data for £15 only silliness is it has to be in a phone, so I brought a galaxy from John my friend in Scotland and have it tethered. If you put the sim in a dongle it detects it. So no more worrying about data, the last few times we have been on board we have had to top up as I have been streaming some YouTube stuff.

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