Monday, 20 January 2014

Seeing stars....

Nope not bumped my head rather the realisation of how beautiful a  clear night sky can be.

We had a late visit to Percy last evening. We were out and about doing some other stuff and included a flying visit to drop some bits off and check the boat. (image above is off the internet) By the time we were leaving it was a beautiful clear starry night sky. I used the app on my phone to ID some of the star formations while we were walking in the Fradley pool woods.

You miss so much with all the light pollution living in a city. I guess if and when we spend more time aboard a telescope would be very useful. Good news we have the storage for such extravagances.... maybe something for the birthday list??

Percy was good, waiting patiently. Adele from Watercolour Property Solutions is to do the work now on Percy in early February, this should give us more space in the kitchen, finish off the under the counter back cabin cabin bulkhead (it is just curtains now) and a bookcase in the saloon for Rachel's must have books. She has a Kindle but has to have paper books of her favorites. Then a carpet to fit after some plumbing that I'll do and we should have Percy ready as we envisaged when we brought him.

I'll put some images up....

Then we will be taking Percy to be painted, but more of that in another post.

It was a heavy frost this morning, This is the view from the park across the road from us... looking towards the Darley Abbey mills the last but one complex of mills on the Derwent valley works heritage site running from Cromford to Derby finishing off at the silk mill.


Norwyn Parker said...

Looking forward to the pics of your modifications

Jaqueline Biggs said...

We've been cruising for three weeks after sitting still for three months and we are just now coming up for air and catching up with boat blogs. What an amazing picture of the sky Nev. I highly recommend a telescope. I wish we had one. I used to lay out in my back yard at Cloudhouse in WA state with my grandsons and watch for satellites and metor showers. Les and I saw a spectacular meteor shower in August of 2012 up on the Peak Forest Canal.

We are looking forward to seeing pictures of Percy in remodel, and hope your, Rachel and you family are all well.
Jaq and LesXX