Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The use of diesel

I had this scheduled to appear on the 6th but I read such a great blog post by James and Debbie living on Lois Jane I have put it back a little

It really does show how little we really cruised last year when I checked back on our diesel use.

We filled up at Turners garage (interesting as I can put that name in and almost anyone who has a boat knows the place!) in May 2013 putting in 50 litres with 53 hours on the clock. . Bringing Percy back from Willington on Sunday we called in to Horninglow basin and topped up with 87 litres with 131 hours on the clock.

So that makes 87 litres to run the engine for 78 hours giving 1.11 litre an hour consumption. It also shows in seven months we only ran the engine for 78 hours or 11.1 hours a month on the engine. How shameful is that !!

So we must try and do better but I fear we will not unless something drastic changes this year.

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