Thursday, 15 January 2015

A picture or three is worth many words....

So far so good on the battery front. Those of you reading this who are land based may never fully understand the fixation boaters or rather this boater has with power (specifically batteries for me as I have no land line).

I blogged here about my location of the third battery I recently purchased. The install came with some limitations  -specifically the cover for the old inverter was metal and would be quite close to the battery terminals. I could not see a scenario where the top of the box shorted out the terminals, but for belt and braces safety and no doubt the boat safety certificate I had a small alteration made that cost me two packets of biscuits to the joiners at work.

They had a off cut of plastic that they secured and here the pictures will make it all more understandable....?

I left the plastic caps on and taped over them ....

What battery ....

Back to its easy accessible tool use 

I installed it and ran the engine for an hour to put some charge into the batteries. They were at 85% on Monday night, 83% Tuesday night and 80 % after watching the tv for three hours and associated lights last night. So hopefully I have a better more commensurate amount of power for Percy  - or rather my needs going forward.

Hopefully you will not read of power issues again..... well until I knacker the batteries in a couple of years. Still cheaper than my OVO electricity bill I still pay at the house !

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