Friday, 2 January 2015

Checking my thumps....

...not not been on the alcohol - if fact off it at the moment and feel better for it.

I brought one of these...

It is a digital tachometer. Percy having an 1929 designed engine only has a speed wheel and forward/reverse handle. From my research the CS2 makes 20 HP at 600rpm.... but what is 600 rpm.

We now I have a much better idea of the RPM at different speed wheel positions..

No turns = tickover is 330 RPM (under load it dropped to 312 RPM)

All other RPM figures are in neutral

1 turn = 380 rpm
1.5 turns = 440 rpm
2 turns = 490 rpm
2.5 turns = 545 rpm
3 turns = 595 rpm
3.5 turns = 650 rpm
4 turns = 685 rpm
4.5 turns = 732 rpm
5 turns = 781 rpm

I rarely have the wheel above 3.5 turns, as the boat is pulling too much water and it drops to near the bottom of the canal... we do not do much river cruising (yet) but I expect Percy motors on with deep water.

In fact I prefer moving along at tickover.... I have on a few occasions nodded off while moving along at tickover - not out of boredom but from the beat of the engine !

Anyhow if anyone wants to borrow it let me have your address and I'll mail it on so long as you mail it back !!

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