Monday, 21 December 2015

Sod Christmas, the 21st December is the real date to celebrate

....for those that suffer SAD syndrome the 21st December signals the shortest day so from tomorrow onwards it gets lighter earlier and later, the days get longer the sun is warmer I am better looking and all is good in the world.

Well ok, not quite such a joyous day but for those that see the approach of Christmas as the dive into shorter darker days and longer wet cold nights today stops it all and we get the reverse effect, however slow it may be it is a fact there will be more light and promise of dry towpaths and warm dry tarmac (for the bike).


KevinTOO said...

I'm with you there Nev 😃

Happy Christmas 🎅

Anonymous said...

Or as Diamond Geezer points out
December 22nd! Merry Yule!

Sarah on Chertsey

Nev Wells said...

Hi Sarah, good to hear from you... we miss your Chertsey posts, we need a New Years resolution for a blog post a week at least? I was aware there were 'calculations' I took the Ostrich approach and convinced myself it was warmer and brighter from now on (yesterday on ) Happy Christmas

Nev Wells said...

I read you are holidaying over the Christmas period....if the beer has been opened already it matters not what the weather is doing outside ? Merry Christmas

Jim said...

Nev, Sorry to be a party-pooper but although the sunset gets later after the solstice so does the sunrise so the days don't actually get any longer until the end of the year. (Not many people know that. . .😗)

Nev Wells said...

Jim, You might want to read DG's blog linked from Sarah's comment .... lots of detail that no doubt supports your comment, for me I have to believe it is getting lighter at both ends of the day, I have plausible deniability for sure !