Friday, 20 May 2016

The end of the line .....

How is it that we get such attachment to 'things'. Is it because they have associated memories or give good value?

Well I have such a possession that hold great sentimental value and has taken me to some truly stunning places.

Now before you all start thinking I am joining the seemingly ever increasing defection off the canal  - relax. My ambition is to fill your web browsing with drivel and boat stories for a few more years to come yet - health willing of course.

No this possession is a lot cheaper and more basic. It should very eloquently introduced by this well known phrase attributed to Lao Tzu .....

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step

Well my trusty and well travelled walking boots have literally taken their last step.

These beauties have supported me on many hundreds if not thousands of miles of walking . They took me up the highest three peaks in England Scotland and Wales two years in succession. They have walked all over Scotland and Wales and walked and many many miles of English canals.

Sad but they will retire tucked away to slowly dissolve on my mooring most probably holding a few daff bulbs so they can indicate when I should be dusting down my Nicolson's in the future to plan my adventures !

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