Wednesday, 23 November 2016

It's a good job Narrowboats do not have lofts.....

... because f they did ours would be full of 'stuff'. Much of which is sentimental paraphernalia collected when you live in the same place for 21 plus years!

I normally like a photo or two to ease the burden of my poor prose.... but dear reader the state of the house  especially the third floor bit is a site to behold  - or not, so just my words for today.

It's tea time  - of the drink variety, (remember I am a midlander who does breakfast dinner and tea) then its an evening shift in the garage. You have got to love a skip, all like me who find the art of clearing up, tidying up and especially throwing away surplus (look away to environmentalist - the skips are sorted and all my tat will be recycled - so I am told and why I have to pay so much for a large tin on my drive) The garage has been my man cave for 20 plus years and I am actually looking forward to giving it a good sort.

Maybe some pictures and broader explanations later but for now  - off to the bat man cave we go !


Jim said...

I was expecting a delivery of five books purchased on line today. I made sure I took at least five old ones to the Oxfam shop. That's the rule from now on.

Nev Wells said...

Hi Jim,

Sound approach, I don't know what it is about attraction to such inanimate objects - sentiment I guess. I have no idea how people downsize to just a canal boat.