Saturday, 5 November 2016

It's only taken a year......

A year ago we were hosting a visit from Rachel's good friend Charlotte as she was over from the USA visiting her mum on the occasion of her mum's 80th birthday.

While Charlotte was over she went shopping at one of Rachel's favourite 'retail' stores - St Wilfreds charity shop. Now remember this is Chichester, quite a well to do area so the furniture is very good quality. So they noted and brought a nice little double sofa, ideal for the cottage but with a view to getting it to the boat at some time - if it would fit.

It lived at the cottage down south for a good while but was brought up to Derby in the summer as another slightly bigger sofa was once again sourced from Wilfreds' place.

Now we have to empty the house - more on that later hopefully so today was the test ..... two cars, one with a sofa and the other with garden furniture set off in convoy to Fradley, here is the little sofa on its way to the boat ....

 Here is our set up  - or was our set up  expertly modelled by Leia and Lilly

.... and this is how we have left it today - minus Leia. 

It was a perfect fit onto the boat with about an inch to spare top to bottom via the front doors. We have switched the table over to the other side so the two large cooper heating pipes are uncovered now (they need a polish) so when I am back on the boat the heating will be performing to its best. You can see the pipes run slightly up all the way to the bathroom via the kitchen and bedroom. Proper thermosyphoning, meaning efficient, no pumps no noise.

Froze our bits off taking over a chiminea plus a love seat for the decking. You (we) forget the distances needed to walk to and from the car for anything that gets brought to the boat.

All in all a good day, house a bit emptier and the perfect fit for the little sofa on the boat.


Mandy Wright said...

And a very nice chiminea it is too!

Nev Wells said..., a birthday present for Rachel many years ago that has sat on the patio in Derby and used one or twice.