Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Health is not a right it is a responsibility

Ok, some close to me will rightly challenge that single statement as there are exceptions where for no explainable reason loved ones are taken despite a healthy love for life and respect for their bodies.

One thing I have a focus on is my health as I get older it is very obvious to me we have a majority population that thinks they have a right to be healthy and that is what the NHS/medicine and surgery are for. Well in my humble opinion that is not correct, we have a responsibility to feed and exercise our bodies to give them the best chance for longevity.

Having ranted that I have had a crap Christmas, I started with a cold at the beginning of December that has tracked up and down my respiratory system trying its best to infect me. My body is fed and exercised well so it has not succumbed, until Christmas eve when I got Flu for Christmas.  Now some confuse a heavy cold with Flu, however Flu does really hit hard and puts you into bed with a temperature and associated aching of the limbs. If you suffer from Fibromyalgia this muscle ache is there at a low level much of the time and the Flu virus sparks it off like a muscle ache fireworks display - really really crap.

Last time I had Flu was Christmas also  - it coincided with my sister Trishs' wedding in which I was giving her away, and had to make a speech while feeling particularly crap. That must have been over 12 years ago so I guess I was due. However in past years I have paid for a flu jab, so that will be next years Christmas present to myself !

Anyhow, starting to feel a bit better now and I'm sure I will be fighting fit in time to go to work, (which for my record I was called in to on Boxing day after taking calls Christmas day)

I'll spend a couple of days compiling what for me will be a low level review of 2016, as I have done for other years. i think on reflection (unless I surprise myself) 2016 will go down as a 'working year'

Right, plugged my windows gaming machine into the network here at the cottage now to see if the broadband will support some gaming - after the massive update download Microsoft has no doubt been saving up for me (it).

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