Wednesday, 21 December 2016

One of the best days of the year - for SAD people

I am a SAD person  - Seasonal affective disorder.... not the best place to live in the winter -a canal boat. It is dark when I leave for work and dark when I arrive home during a decent chunk of the winter.

Well today marks the shortest day so tomorrow it will be a smidgin lighter in the morning and the same in the evening. OK it is barely noticeable but like old age and obesity it sneeks up on you and before you know it I'll be fishing again to 10pm in my T shirt !!

So I will toast nature and the universe tonight as they tip me back into the warm months I need and the light my body demands.

Roll on summer !!


Les Biggs said...

One good thing I find living afloat is the absence of SAD.
Since living afloat(11yrs)I have not suffered at all. Back on land it was always there.I

Nev Wells said...

Hi Les,

Good to hear from you. I guess living on the boat and working is the difference as I go out in the dark and come back in the dark and have to be mindful of the lighting used on the boat as I do not like to run the engine if possible just to charge the batteries. As and when I finish I can see the benefits of being out in the middle of the country and the lift that would give at this time of year. Take care and give my love to Jaq.

Kind regards