Saturday, 24 July 2021

The best delayed holiday of the year

 .... so looking at my camera the next tale of holiday excess was one day later after arriving back from Wales on Thursday - on Friday evening after helping my sister in law out and dropping Leia off for her garden holiday and collecting number two son Callum from Derby station we set off again all packed up for ...... Wales again. This time Anglesea 'Farriers cottage' a three bed holiday cottage near Red Wharf bay.

It was the family holiday we booked in 2019 for 2020 that was delayed until 2021 ! We had it for a week with Callum staying until the following Wednesday and Tom Courtney and Teddy arriving Saturday night going back Tuesday.  

We had the best of times, walking exploring swimming in the sea (me) rock pooling castle walking butterfly farm and the hit of the week was the hot tub.... especially for Teddy. It might have ended up an expensive holiday for Tom and Courtney as they went home talking of having one for their new house they are having built !

Some photos was a split week with family until the Wednesday morning then just me and Rachel to the Friday .....

On Sunday morning Callum and I went for an explore around the Newborough forest and beach area  - some stunning views of the mainland and the Llyn peninsula 

We then joined the others at Cemaes bay for a typical seaside day

Rachel spend the first years of her life in Cemaes bay, by the bungalow they lived in

The square building in the distance is Wylfa power station where rachel dad worked 

Getting ready for the butterfly farm ( after we got teddy out of the hot tub !) 

Then on to Conwy castle 

Sadly Tom Courtney and Teddy had to go home on the Tuesday so on the Wednesday on the way to taking Callum for his train to London from Llandudno Junction we took the time to explore under the Menai suspension bridge a great area to wander 

How old is the Yew tree ? 

After dropping Callum off we parked up and took a walk to the top of the Great Orme

Thursday we opted for a walk along the Red Wharf bay .... we walked the beach one way then the woods back  as it was still beautiful weather 

Friday after locking up and saying goodbye to the cottage we stopped off in Conwy again and this time walked the castle walls ( free) not done it before despite visiting Conwy many times. Better IMHO than the castle itself as the views were stunning and you could look into peoples back gardens  ! 

A great week of good company and good food in a beautiful place. Rather than spending hours buying unwanted stuff for Christmas why not consider a short or long family break as a present ....memories are priceless..... not how long do you think before the next trip? 


Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Lovely photos Nev! Is that a Mermaid's Purse you are holding in one of the pictures? A Skate or Shark egg case I think...I totally agree with you about spending time and money to make good memories. Worth it every time. Hugs to you and Rachel,
Jaq xxx

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Looks like a splendid holiday!
And I like your idea of using the money that would ordinarily be spent on Xmas presents on a holiday for everyone. Our daughter has said to us that she no longer wants gifts but experiences - that has meant (prior to COVID) contributing to her airfares back to NZ from Sydney or tickets to events. Much better option, we think!
Cheers, Marilyn