Saturday, 25 June 2022

Making memories

Took my mum to the boat today. She’s been on holiday on it and our other boats in the past. She’s 87 now and not as good on the memory front as she used to be so it’s important we use any triggers we can to get her memory exercised. 

Percy is a sorry looking mess, we really need to spend so time on her but Leia is close to the end of her life and can’t do the boat anymore so we are struggling to get the time to get over  and give Percy a good clean. 

Sad on two counts.

At least I  was able to bring all my tools back so the inside of Percy is looking good as Rachel has carried out a small makeover of the back cabin … as well as curtains in the boat. She is deserving of a decent cruise …..


Nev Wells said...
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Anonymous said...

Can’t take credit for the curtains, but they do look lovely!