Tuesday, 22 November 2022

More fettling Percy, motorbikes and Fradley Junction

I returned to Percy to complete the 2nd stage of the gas locker TLC. I washed down the dried Fertan and dried it off before giving the inside a coat of Hammerite black.  Not sure if it'll need a second coat, I'll return when this period of very wet weather passes and make that decision. 

My aim is to black over the Hammerite on the basis that's what we use to protect the hull in the water. I'll protect the blacking from the metal cylinders by making a very small wooden platform for the gas cylinders that will sit on some rubber door stops so the surface area in contact with the new blacked floor is minimal with limited mechanical wear and maximum air flow for drying the inevitable water that gets in there due to the drain holes in case there is a gas leak.

In other news we've been walking and cycling  and I've been tackling the workshop - a fine winter project that will get it's own blog post. 

We lit big bertha at the cottage the other day to give the chimney an air. We've also cleared out the third bedroom ( two days of shredding Rachels saved paperwork ) so we now for the first time in nearly 6 years of living here got three bedrooms with beds in them  ! 

Today I took myself off to the NEC for the motorbike show.... a real treat to sit on so many bikes, chat to complete strangers all with a common passion. Some of the bikes that caught my eye.... and bike news for those couple who have an interest who may catch up with my bike swapping news - Friday is (another) new bike day for me ! 

The new BSA  -not a fan 

Electric bikes are here 

My favourite  - the Hunter 350 from Royal Enfield 

On the way back I diverted off the motorway and stuck my nose into Fradley Junction, It always looks so tranquil in the winter time with boat smoke and low sun.  had many good year on three boats at Fradley. 

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