Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Meeting the maker.... not a negative post this one !!

For once not a post about death or old age but a happy meeting of Tony and Gill Redshaw. 

We were looking after our youngest grandson at their place that backs onto the Erewash canal at Barkers lock. I was in the kitchen and looked up and  thought I saw Irene from Freespirit who I know moors in the basin... so I went out. It wasn't Irene but the other boat had a fella who I thought I recognised but I could not see the boat name to confirm as he was furthest boat across the lock. 

I took a chance and asked 'its Tony isn't it ?" .... the other couple confirmed and then I saw Gill .He looked a tad confused as to who was hailing him then I said I had Percy ( your boat) and immediately got recognised. Gill said a nice thing about how well we had looked after Percy which we appreciated. 

Really nice to meet them again and pleased to see them out cruising.

Tony built Percy on the Ashby in 1991/2 and owned her until 2012 when we took over her ownership. 


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