Tuesday, 6 June 2023

New mooring first overnight and an oil change for the record at 1025 hours

Lots of things have kept us from Percy but in true form she was waiting for us at our new mooring along with a lot of very tall grass ! Rachel set to unpacking for our mini break aboard while I set to looking for lost Japanese soldiers in the jungle outside the boat. I decided the slope looked better uncut and if we stay here we will drop some wild flower seeds in for next year. I cut the top flat boat side and up to the boat as well as a car shaped section. If Bob the farmer wants to cut the rest happy days I suspect not. I prefer it to the manicured look of our new neighbours mooring.

This morning I started a new inverter install but missing wood to mount it on and time to do it were all missing  so dropped that and did an oil change instead. For the record it was changed at 1025 engine hours, checking back to this time last year it was done at 917 hours so just over 100 hours 

We set off just after 12.30 to wind in Grub street as we wanted to head north. We waved two boats past us so as to not hold them up/embarrass ourselves while winding ! Then it was a slow cruise to Goldstone Wharf which was plan A - got the end mooring and booked into the pub for food later. 

If I'd ever had a new boat build this would have been its name 

Thats some difference in either draft or ballast ! 

Rachel guiding Percy to the Goldstone wharf moorings. Last time we were here was the post de coke run back in February 2019 

We are planning an early'ish  start tomorrow as we need supplies in Market Drayton as well as trying to get a good road thru the Woodseaves cutting.

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