Monday 2 October 2023

Sunshine mooring - outdoor works

All over the place with my blog right now. There is so much I want to add for my record but never seem to have the time or inclination - and I'm retired ! 

For my sins I take a lot of photos which helps me 'remember' and so it is the case with the last visit to Percy some 5 weeks ago on the 27th August. We've been resetting the mooring since our arrival and when I came back from my Wales passes motorcycle tour I stopped over and built the shed bringing the screws with me this time ! 

In another post I'll explain why we had another love seat but it needed painting so this trip was for that reason and also to get some solar on the mooring fixed off the boat to charge the Ecoflow... which is working very well ( on the boat as I type this ) and the Ecoflow came charged and has run the vacuum as well as got the fridge cold all at the same time as charging the batteries  - top kit. 

I got a 390w panel from City Plumbing for a ridiculous £85 which included delivery. They certainly have dropped in price recently which is good for all especially the diy'er. 

I'd brought wood from my sons old bathroom floor - another distraction from the boat to make a stand that can take the genny so if raining its protected. The genny can charge the Ecoflow so just over an hours running can give us a couple of days use.... better than running the genny for 100w demand  for three or four hours when we can run it at for an hour and put 1 kilowatt into the Ecoflow... it makes a lot of sense. 

So it got built and we painted the love seat one step closer to how we want this mooring. I'll play about with the angle but it is set more for winter sun than summer sun .... time will tell.

 The build was hampered by another 'summers day' 

We had an afternoon off and went for a decent walk to Norbury and had a pint of Guinness at the Junction... a 6 plus mile round trip walk to the pub and back. It was an expensive pint as I tipped half of it over me and Rachel lost her glasses ( £240 to replace!) on the way back. 

A good test of my resolve to let life wash over me as much as I can... 

So a productive visit and being back aboard for a good few days we will hopefully get a good test of the panel and the mooring  - might even get a few days cruising before the winter sets in and other projects take over. 

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