Monday 9 October 2023

Hard work pub treat

We are supposed to be having the house decorated this last week. We came to the boat to be out of the way as we have not furniture downstairs. The decorators has been a bit hit and miss more miss than hit as he's gone down with some bug ! So we have stayed longer on the boat - no hardship as the weather has been globally warming hot for October. 

We winded last night after doing the majority of the boat. We also took a nice 4 mile walk up the canal last night also. 

Super shiny with that sacrificial gloss layer for the winter months as advised to us by John the boat painter (2015) 

But you will see that gap it back.... the silt that we shifted for the stern last time helped the bow but the stern was again helf by the silt when coming in the other way....

We set to this morning washing and polishing the starboard side now just about accessible. We showboated by washing the car while we had the stuff out. After welcoming our neighbours back with some rope help we set off ourselves to wind in Grub Street.

On the way back we decided to frequent the Anchor. A pub I've never been in despite cruising up and down the Shroppie many times and more than once with some seriously capable drinkers on board.... iirc it was the Wharf at Shebdon, now closed we went to as it did food. 

It didn't disappoint - a proper little jewel of a drinkers pub. My late Dad would have loved it, pulled pints no food no kids in the pub no music just people talking and drinking. The gents was classic old pub basically an outside urinal which is a painted trough. Strange what smells and images bring back memories of being at the pub with my dad.  

I took the obligatory pint of Wadworth 6x while Rachel had some old fashioned bottled Guinness. It was a lovely bonus afternoon in a canal pub with so much history and unspoilt by time long may it continue. 

On our return Chris and Dee from NB Naomi returned the favour and helped on the ropes and Percy came it much better than the last time !!

A bit of fishing showers some TV then pack up tomorrow for a return to chaos...but the sun will be shining and I'm not going to work !

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