Friday 24 November 2023

Is it just me ?

More of a reflective post but something for me to look back on at some point. 

The world is a shit place at the moment and getting shittier. Nature gets on with it despite us, humans are working really hard to destroy everything we are gifted with. It's at all levels as well. Politicians and world leaders (sic) seem ever more focussed on negativity than common progress. Our leaders are as ever taking those easy short term decisions based on popularity banking on anonymity and wealth in their future as their plans and promises dissolve in the wind of conflict and inherited challenges and change. 

* Some/most people I interact with I don't really like, I put up with them as I expect they put up with me. They can't say why they don't like me and I can't them because no doubt some of it would fall into the arena of the politically incorrect agenda police   - or rather anonymous outrage. It's a shame as maybe if we could be open and honest and listen to each other before reacting and take in the other persons views and maybe the influencing factors that affect and drive their personalities and behaviours I could be educated and could educate others to be better people. I'd like to be a better person. 

Then there is this country with its petty bureaucratic policies and procedures seemingly invented to hide poor performance and inability to act. It gets down to the individual trades who seem to have little or no pride in their interactions with customers certainly no pride in their work. I'm sure there are some out there who do go the extra inch or two but they are in my exposure few and far between. 

The common denominator in all of this is money and wealth. It drives all the actions and inactions that are counter productive to a safe world in all aspects peace, environmental, religious and well being in general of those that live on this lump of rock. 

I've no god or religion. I do often hope it is like how I imagined the  Greek Gods where we are just a game for them to explore actions and reactions. If it is at some point they may play their hand to turn our world from one that judges and categorises people by their ability to earn and what they own to a world where compassion and love is the currency of progress. They may have given us too much freedom to destroy our world and our communities..... shame the world was a nice place for part of my life. 

End of rant .... I can't see normal service being resumed, well not in my head - see above * 


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